I’m guest posting for our sparkly Kate Street’s Magical Monday column today and I’m so glad about that.

The events that took place on Friday have shaken all of us to the core. At this point, I can’t even look at media or listen to the radio because I become so overwhelmed with sadness that I can’t do anything but cry.

In times like these I think we all naturally start thinking about things we’re grateful for. That’s the whole point of Kate’s Magical Monday column – to learn to be grateful for what we have in our lives, from the small stuff to the big stuff.

So today I want to post up some things I’m grateful for, and I strongly encourage you to do the same by commenting on this post.

My Magic:

*Took my 18 month old daughter to Target yesterday and picked out a beautiful princess tent/house. She loves it and requires that I sit in it with her ALL THE TIME.

*I was pretty crabby all weekend but my husband was very patient with me. Thank you hubby!

*Spent Saturday with my parents because they won’t be around for the upcoming holidays. We had so much fun and my daughter kept asking for Mimi and Papa the rest of the weekend.

*The yummy Peets coffee I’m sipping on while writing this. Heavenly.

*Finding a new favorite website – Vegan Connecticut! I even made vegan pumpkin scones from a recipe they posted and they came out wonderfully. Even my hubby was impressed.

*I am so grateful for my daughters mid-day nap. This weekend those naps gave me a little alone time to just sit on the couch and be upset about Newtown. It’s hard to let yourself be upset in front of your kids.

*Seeing one of my closest friends last night for a sushi dinner date. I needed that normalcy.

So my dear readers – what are you thankful for today?

Totally delish!

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