To say the last few days have been tough is the understatement of a lifetime. Everyone is finding their own way through to healing and, hopefully, peace.

For us, it was a weekend of Yes. We found that it was the little things we normally are too busy to pay attention to, the millions of tiny No’s that so easily come out of our mouths, the busy-ness of things that needed tending to. To help our broken hearts.

So. When Olivia wanted to stay in the bath for an hour Friday afternoon? I said yes.

Snuggly little monkey.


When Hunter wanted to stay up late playing cards — and very OBVIOUSLY cheating because come ON, I’m better at this game than an 11 year old — I said yes.

The face of a card shark.


And when Audrey wanted to unfold three loads of laundry all over the freshly cleaned playroom, I said yes.

Mommy, I help?


I hope I can remember to say yes more.

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