Like most working moms, I work all the time – even when I’m not working, I’m working.   As the political director for a regional union this past election season was one of the most important of my career, so no amount of work was too much.   But 6 weeks later and the initial excitement over, I have hit a wall – many walls in fact.

Anyone who has ever run a campaign or coordinated a big project knows that for a finite period of time generally with a  pre-determined end date you eat like crap – cupcakes for breakfast, skipped lunch, a Diet coke for dinner with bad Chinese food from the container – exercise intermittently if at all – random midnight runs, 5 a.m. swims or the proverbial trip to the gym when the alternative is losing your shit on someone or something – and “alone time” to talk to friends and family is when you are going to the bathroom (just hit mute when you flush) because it’s the only time you can actually be alone.

And, on that pre-determined end date, you either win or lose.  If you win, you are ecstatic and exhausted.  If you lose you are depressed and exhausted – exhausted being the common denominator.

So the past couple of weeks I have hit many walls where I find myself staring into space, unmotivated, not driven, tired, bored and aimless.  So I thought I’d share some of my “walls.”

My “there’s never anything to eat in this house” wall.

My “what on-line shopping site can I visit today” wall.

My “can I just take another nap” wall.

My “Lumbar yoga stretch”  wall.

My “what mindless show is on TV” or “Is Elf on yet?” wall.

My “Don’t bug me” or “man I need a manicure” wall.

My “I need another picture for my wall if I’m going to keep staring at it” wall.

And I wait, for divine inspiration to strike or the next campaign or project to hit.  In the meantime, I will take next week off and continue to reconnect with my partner, my daughters, my friends (both old and new), my family, my dog and myself.  And come back in 2013 ready to win – or lose – as the case may be, but always striving to do my best.

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