A few years ago, we were enjoying a nice dinner with our good friends Chris, Becky, and their adorable daughter Nora, who was three at the time. Since they were the first of our friends to become parents, we asked them what it was really like to have a child. I was ready for the typical response of “Oh, it’s so difficult but it changes your life forever, in a good way, etc.”  Instead, Chris quickly and assuredly answered: “It’s like having a ‘drunk elf’ around the house all the time.”

Now that I am a parent of a toddler I finally know what he’s talking about and I see the similarities every day. For example:

* Counting to six goes a little something like this: “1, 3, 5, 12, 6!”

These two are up to no good!

* Every time I turn around, furniture has mysteriously moved around the house to the pantry.

Someone’s after the last of the Fig Newmans

* You’re chatting on the phone with your girlfriend and someone picks up the phone in the other room and proceeds to breathe heavily into the receiver. Drunk elf doing a “drink and dial?” Nope. It’s just Mia wanting to say “hey.”

* Like any drunk elf would do at a good holiday party, my toddler likes to dance in her underwear on a table. I truly hope she outgrows this phase.

Why must they trash the playroom like rock stars in hotels?

Happy holidays!

Wishing you and your enchanting little elves peace, love, and hope!

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