On the weekend’s we “throwback” to older but still awesome posts!

Post Written by Dena Fleno – originally published September 2011

Oh my god, I’m turning into my mother!

(love you Mom!)

Now that I am a mom I find myself saying things to my kids that my mother used to say to me.  I can remember hearing those phrases and thinking, ” I will NEVER say that!”

Gee, my mother said that would happen.

Here are just a few I’ve compiled, add yours to the comments!

“Because I said so…”

This used to annoy the crap out of me.  What does that mean, who made YOU (mom) the omnipotent being to decide such things?  Well, giving birth did and after a few rounds of explanations to the “Why?” question with my own kids, “Because I said so,” just seems to fit…

“Put your toys away, or I will throw them out/give them away…”

I can remember a couple of times when my mom (and dad) would see the mess of toys and clothes on the floor, tell me to clean up, and then after that failed come up with a trash bag and start throwing stuff in.  I never moved so fast in my life, and my living quarters tripled in size.  Once, I did this to my son and he cleaned up really fast and then commented, “I forgot I had a rug in here!”

“There are starving kids out there…”

This statement from my mom was usually about starving kids in Africa (Sally Struthers was big back then).  We talk a lot with our kids about how fortunate we are to have food on the table and be able to have the things we have (see excess of toys above) and how we have to help others out when we can.  So two bites of dinner usually prompts these words coming from my mouth.

“Don’t make me pull this car over…”

Sitting in a Ford Taurus for 13 hours of driving to Virginia Beach the conversation between my sister and I usually consisted of ” Don’t look/touch/breathe on me!” and this sentence was uttered a lot.  Now when the screaming has reached it’s height in my car my kids know it too.

Use of your first, middle AND last name…

You knew to what degree of trouble you were in by the addition of a name.  All three meant big time, and does in my house too.

“While you live under my roof, you will abide by my rules…”

After shouting the above, this comes out when my son is being particularly mouthy and thinks he knows everything (he is so like his father).

“Someday when you have kids you’ll understand…”

Yes, yes I do…

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