This past Christmas was very special for my husband and me as our eight-month old daughter celebrated her first Christmas. From wrapping her gifts, to snuggling her tight on Christmas Eve, it was a time in my life I will forever cherish.

On Christmas Eve my parents came over to exchange presents and we had a wonderful time watching Maddie touch and feel all the wrapped gifts and bows.

After my parents left my husband read Maddie “The Night Before Christmas,” which was so emotional to watch. While he was feeding her, I was in the kitchen preparing salmon with risotto, which is one of our favorite meals. It felt so good to just relax and enjoy each other’s company. As many of you know having children makes it difficult and more challenging to have alone time, so when these moments come up, you always seize and cherish them.

On Christmas Day we went to Mike’s mother’s house where my parents have always attended in years past. I am very grateful that my mother-in-law is so kind and considerate about inviting my parents over. While there Maddie was able to open gifts with her three-month old cousin named Addison. She is such a sweetheart and it is really nice to see two cousins close in age.

It was a peaceful ride home as Mike and I took the back roads and enjoyed the scenery and silence in the car. I reflected back over the past year at how much we’ve grown as a family, how much I care for my husband and cherish my daughter. I also thought about those who are no longer with us, such as my dear father-in-law, who I still talk to every morning in my heart; my grandparents and Mike’s cousin Katie who passed away this year.  Also, I think about whom I haven’t seen in a while; wondering if they are doing well and how they holidays were. It was a drive of reflection and remembrance.

As you drove home from your holiday festivities what were you thinking about? Were you thinking about what you had to do the next day, family in general, the day you had or wished you had?

Please let us know and best wishes for a happy, safe and memorable New Year!

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