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What an amazing journey the first five months have been! When we started Sow Fresh Organics back in July we didn’t know what to expect. Of course we knew a few things were certain. We knew we’d be meeting so many new and interesting people. We knew we’d be learning the ins and outs of organic farming. And of course we expected that we’d quickly become experts in navigating every highway and back road in the state of Connecticut. But, as with any new adventure, we’ve also discovered some interesting tid-bits along the way! For instance:

• While visiting the farm to collect free-range eggs, keep in mind that hens will happily waddle to greet you at your car – a welcome sight indeed! But, a free-range rooster, on the other hand, would rather you stay in it and simply drive away!

• The produce staff at Stop & Shop restocks their shelves between noon and 2PM, making THAT a prime time for collecting empty produce boxes.

• IMPORTANT: It is NEVER a good idea to wear black, dark brown or navy blue clothing when hauling, handling or cutting burlap fabric!

• If organized strategically, a Honda Civic CAN, in fact, hold 12 boxes of produce, a cooler, one driver and a large cup of coffee!

• WARNING: Route 17 from Middletown through Durham and Route 79 from Durham to Guilford should be avoided at all costs between the hours of 6:30AM and 8:45AM during the school year.

• In addition to customers, household pets and woodland critters also look forward to the Sow Fresh delivery and have been known to pick through the box in search of their favorite items! (We know one pooch in particular who loves when red grapes are in season!)

This is just a quick little jaunt on our Sow Fresh ride – but you get the idea, right? Each day is different and with every turn there’s another surprise. We’ve had a blast this year and so as we head into 2013, we will buckle up, throw our hands in the air and see where the adventure takes us next.

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