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A while back I posted about my failed attempt at taking pictures of Jake every month during his first year.  As you may recall, I was totally on top of it for the first three months.  (Which conveniently coincided with my being at home on maternity leave).  And then I went back to work, and the wheels fell off.  Sure I still took tons and tons of pictures of him on my iPhone, and captured holidays and first teeth like a champ, but those obligatory once a month shots were donezo.

I’m now on the once a year plan.  It’s a pretty good plan!  I love looking back at pictures of Jake from “a year ago today.”  It’s amazing to see how much he’s grown from one holiday to another, and from one milestone (going on family vacations) to another milestone (visiting my office on Christmas Eve).  While the pressure’s off me taking those once a month onesie shots, I am still constantly snapping away at my little Spud.

Jake at the Tour de Noank 5K last year (2011)

jake 5k

Jake at the Tour de Noank 5k this year (2012)


Jake on Election Day last year (2011)

jake voting

Jake on Election Day this year (2012)

jake voting 2

Jake on New Year’s Day last year (2012)

jake nye

Jake on New Year’s Day this year (2013)

jake nye2


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