1. It’s embarrassing how much I’m just now learning about my own body’s reproductive system.
  2. I secretly hate you (for just a second) every time you post your pregnancy announcement/baby bump/newborn picture.  But then I hate myself more for even thinking it and go back to living vicariously through you by devouring, and loving, every picture you post.
  3. Ever since going off of birth control, I’ve had some unwanted body hair issues.  And not the normal unwanted body hair issues they invented shaving and waxing for.  The kind where I have one random, long, extra dark hair growing from my upper arm.  I got rid of that sucker as soon as I noticed it, but I hate to think how long it was there before I spotted it.
  4. Most times, when I’m writing my blog posts about our infertility, I am in a good place and can coherently write down my thoughts and feelings, often ending with a hopeful message or positive spin.  Don’t let me fool you, though.  Internally, I am often a mess and like to put off dealing with it all by zoning out to Facebook, the television, or my Kindle.
  5. I absolutely hate the feeling of wet hair on the back of my neck. If it were socially acceptable to not wash my hair, I probably wouldn’t, unless it was being done for me at the salon.  The least amount of time I have to spend in the shower, the better. My husband thinks I’m weird.  I just think of it as Mommy-in-Training.
  6. Almost every article of clothing I wear is currently sitting on our couch, deposited from the dryer, not folded.  I wish I could blame it on the extra loads that come from having kids, but the truth is I really just hate folding laundry.
  7. I’ve never successfully kept a single houseplant alive so I often wonder about my own maternal instincts.
  8. I wish I liked fancy lingerie more than I do.  Sorry, hubby.
  9. I catch myself being one of those women who sometimes judge other people’s parenting decisions, meanwhile not having any kids of my own.  I’m positive I’ll eat my words someday.
  10. There’s a lot of other stuff I’m choosing not to share with you, thankyouverymuch!


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