Oh boy!  My first post for CT Working Moms and I am confessing all my secrets!  I hope you all will still want to read my posts after this!

Here we go:


1) I wanted to get my 4 year old into an activity, so I started taking him to karate.  I did it because I wanted him to be a well-rounded and physically fit kid …but really, I wanted him to go get his energy out somewhere other than running around the house.  I’m planning on finding some more activities for him to do since its going so well.

2) When we’re out at a store, I usually buy my kids something.  I always make an attempt not to, but I give in.  I would rather avoid the tantrum.  We usually get enough stares as it is.

3) I am secretly glad we got Cole’s handicap parking placard.  I don’t really like the fact that Cole is eligible to have one, and I told myself before we got it that I wouldn’t use it regularly.  But, guess what?  I have found it to be a life saver since I have to carry around a 30+ pound three-year old everywhere, while also chasing an energetic four-year old.

4) I don’t make Cole wear his glasses.  I should.  He needs them.  But, I have tried everything.  He used to be so good at wearing them until he turned 2 and a half, but now he just doesn’t want to wear them anymore.  We have bigger things to work on…like walking.

5) I strongly dislike video games, but I will admit, I have let my 4-year-old play the Ninento DS more than once just so I could get a few things done.

6) I am ruining my kids’ chances of being a rock star.  I sing to them in the car and they actually think I’m good.  This is actually bad for both of us.  They are using my singing as a standard…and I actually have started to think I’m good.  Watch out Taylor Swift.

7) Sticking with the music theme – I actually think it’s completely adorable when my four-year old sings popular songs, even when there are words he shouldn’t be saying in them.  He doesn’t know what they mean… Plus, when you have a kid who can’t talk, you look at things like singing a song a little differently.

8) I make boxed macaroni and cheese more than I would like to admit.  I try to stick to the organic kind, so at least I’m not going with chemicals for dinner, but I’ll even admit that some of that yellow stuff slips in sometimes too.

9) My husband is going to love this one…I lose my patience too quickly sometimes.  I need to start listening more to what my kids are telling me (or showing me) instead of getting upset about it right away. They usually are acting out for a reason…and I need to resolve that reason, rather than get upset.

10) I may have taken my kids (and husband) to see the Imagination Movers because I think one of them is cute…I’m not, however, telling you which one.

11) I also don’t mind watching the Fresh Beat Band with my kids either, since I have a crush on one of them too…

12) Sundays are the only days that I can take a shower longer than 5-10 minutes and after 7am.  My husband is home with the kids and we don’t have a million things to do or therapies to go to. I take as long as I want! I don’t care how crabby the kids may be…(Sorry, Jim!)

13) Speaking of hiding in the bathroom, I may also say I need to go to the bathroom…and just hang out there for a few minutes of quiet.  It doesn’t always work. Someone will end up following me, or coming to look for me.  It is worth a try, though.

14)I love my boys, but I love PINK too!  Cole has two pink cloth diapers.  They came by mistake…but I kept them.  It was destiny.   Don’t worry Cole, real men wear pink.

I better stop there, or else my husband may start questioning my every move. Can anyone relate to any of my confessions?

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