Do you remember Dory, the good-hearted, optimistic, yet forgetful, little fish from Finding Nemo?  I feel like I have a lot in common with her.  Yes, I am extremely forgetful, it’s true, but it’s more than that.  I’m looking back at a few moments in my life, call them life events if you will, and I feel that Dory’s motto of “Just keep swimming” are words that I live by. 

Hey! I'm trying to swim here!

Hey! I’m trying to swim here!

In most cases, when I am confronted with a crisis or a stressful event, I do a quick assessment of what I can and cannot control about the situation.  If there is something I can do to make the situation better, I do it.  And then–I move on.  I just keep swimming.  I don’t beat myself up or wallow in the pity of “poor me”.    I am too busy for that and I have too many people depending on me.  Sure, I accept responsibility when I’m the cause of the problem and learn from my mistakes, but I just don’t see the good in pulling on the hair shirt and punishing myself by reliving the pain of what I can’t control.

Here are some examples of me, choosing to move forward:

  • My baby was born 13 weeks early?  Trust the doctors and just keep swimming.
  • My marriage is hitting a rough patch?  Make the changes I need to and just keep swimming.
  • I’m in debt up to my eyeballs?  Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming.
  • I got a performance review that was so bad I almost lost my job?  Get my focus back and just keep swimming.
  • Dog pooped in the dining room and I slipped in it?  Throw my shoes outside, get out the mop and just keep swimming.
  • My 4-year old refuses to get dressed for daycare in anything but her Dorothy costume?  Sigh deeply and just keep swimming.
  • My first negative comments on a blog post? No problem, I’ll. Just. Keep. Swimming.

My daughter loves the show “Good Luck Charlie”.  Last night’s show centered on the teenage girl character getting her heart-broken for the first time.  Oh, she was a mess, crying and not showering, as any teenager who sees the end of their world would be.  I’m dreading that moment.  I hope it never happens.  But if the time comes for my girl Z to experience that heartbreak, whether it’s because of a boy or just mean girls, I hope that she will see me as her comfort in the storm.  But I also hope I can pass a little bit of my ability to just keep swimming along to her.

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