I have always been a big believer that change is good. Change keeps me from feeling bored and makes me feel excited about life. When forced to embrace change, it opens up possibilities I might not have previously considered. What I also love about change is that it almost always serves as an opportunity to start over again with a clean slate. I think believing in change this way helped me a lot when I became a mom. But sometimes….too much change, especially all at once, can be exhausting.

Last week I started a new job. As I was excitedly preparing for this transition over the holidays, I was thrown for a loop when my daughter’s in-home childcare provider gave me her two-week notice that she was hired for a new teaching position. After a year with us, I was really sad to see her leave as she was amazing. I even wrote about our ideal childcare situation. While I was very happy for her new opportunity, I was totally freaked out as to how we would find childcare for my daughter in just two short weeks! Did I mention I was also starting a new job? I had painstakingly chosen my daughter’s caregiver after a lengthy search and interview process through Care.com. I knew this was not going to be an option this time around. But instead of being sad about this, I knew this would be a great opportunity for Mia to try a new place, make new friends, and prepare for pre-k, which is just on the horizon.

Since time was of the essence, we opted to go the large, nationally accredited daycare center route. Thankfully, we found a slot available in a place one town over from us, yet still on my way to work. I didn’t bother to do a thorough search on whether this place was any good or not because my good friend, whose opinion I thoroughly trust, sends her daughters there. Is it just me, or do any of you find that you worry less about things after your first kid turns two? Anyway, my daughter started yesterday and had a blast and is happy to return to “the big red school.” This is a photo of her after she fell asleep in the car on our way home from school:

Thank you daycare goddesses for tiring my child out!

Thank you daycare goddesses for tiring my child out!

As for me, I am glad I survived another round of tumultuous change in my household. I am happy with our new daycare situation and am thankful for my career. I still can’t believe we managed to do it all in the course of two freaking weeks. Once the dust settles, I’ll be ready to face new challenges and more change on the horizon. I just hope I get a chance to breathe before that happens.

How have you handled unexpected change with any daycare or other parenting situations?

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