Today is a Just Because post.  One day when I was in third grade, my mom gave me a shiny mylar balloon.  It was a bright yellow balloon with the words, “Just Because” written in red script.  I forget the occasion for her giving it to me, but I remember being surprised, and happy, and really, it just totally brightened my day. It was also the first time I learned of the phrase, “Just Because.”  I kept the balloon until the air left it, and it rested on my bedroom floor in a metallic heap, at which point I taped it up on my wall.  That little gesture by my mom stayed with me forever, and I found myself literally paying it forward as I got older.  Sometimes I would buy a small gift for one of my roommates, or bake an extra batch of cookies to give to my parents.  For really no particular reason at all.

As a mom, I find that I like to treat my son to “Just Because” gifts.  If I am shopping at Ikea, a small little stuffed toy may find its way into my shopping bag “just because.”  When I am in my work cafeteria, a box of movie popcorn may come home with me so that he can have a little bowl as he’s watching Yo Gabba Gabba after dinner.  I wouldn’t exactly say that I am spoiling him, but giving him a little treat, “just because.”

…just because I love him.

love him

**photo credit Janelle Melnyk Photography**

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