This weekend I posed this question to my readers of My Everyday Magic: Have you ever told your kids “You don’t know how good you’ve got it”?

Now some of you readers may have children who are too little for this phrase to be relevant yet. Somewhere around the whining stage comes the compulsion to bring this little gem out. I admit I’ve said this on more than one occasion ~ usually when my boys are whining about having to take the dog for a walk or complaining about having to run an errand or kvetching about reading lessons. I sometimes (often times) get angry because they don’t know how much FREEDOM they actually have with our homeschooling lifestyle…and if they think THIS is bad, then they really “DON’T KNOW HOW GOOD THEY’VE GOT IT!”

Recently, my infinitely wise inner voice turned this phrase towards me and said “Sweetie, YOU ALSO DON’T KNOW HOW GOOD YOU’VE GOT IT!”  This small (yet huge) realization stopped me in my tracks and I think of it all the time now. Because I REALLY DO have it GOOD.

My kids may complain about small things and have small squabbles but they are AWESOME kids. As far as boys go, they are pretty mellow and sensitive. And they also really, really care about each other. If my biggest complaints are having to feed them 27 times a day and trying to get my stubborn second son out of diapers…then that’s really nothing to complain about.

My hubby too, when I truly am being honest with myself, gives me very little to complain about. He may leave his chewed gum on the counter and his socks all over the floor…but if those are my biggest complaints…my god, I’m a blessed woman. He’s an awesome cook, an incredible loving, romantic, and devoted hubby, he has so much integrity and genius in his work, and he is an incredibly playful Papa.

Other Good Things:

* I have a beautiful house and gorgeous gardens that bring me so much joy!

* I have 5 bathrooms, so I never have to wait! (I grew up in a house with one bathroom ~ that was often times TORTURE!)

* I have a great minivan!

* I have wonderful, wonderful friends.

* I have the freedom to choose my day and only have to do things I WANT to do!

* I have the ability to pursue any interest I want.

* My family has an abundance of food, love, laughter, and fun.

* I am rich in pets ~ we have a cat, a dog, a fish, and a frog.

* I have a strong intuition and my path always seems clear.

Ever since my infinitely wise inner voice mirrored that oft-used phrase right back at me, I’ve been realizing how much more FREEDOM I actually have…and that not only do I have GOOD, I have it GREAT!

What about you, My Dear Friend, do you know how good you’ve got it? Share with me. ♡

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