When sitting down to write my post this week, still in the wake of the Sandy Hook tragedy, I found myself wanting to write about nothing.  But by that I mean that I wanted to write about how it’s the everyday “nothings” that really mean everything.

I may not be a stay at home mom who can sit down and have a tea party with my girls on a weekday morning but you can bet your bottom dollar that when the girls come into my bathroom offering me a piece of toy pizza while I’m getting ready for work, I am grateful to have the chance to play along, even if it is only for a few minutes and even if I am not really doing anything other than saying, “this pizza is delicious,” while putting on my mascara.  I am grateful for this little nothing.

When we are driving home in the car after a long day at work and my kids are being silly, I am thankful for the silliness and I cherish this time in the car even if my head is pounding and I am thinking about what to make for dinner.  I am grateful for this little nothing.

As my four month old son lays peacefully in his crib all snuggly and cute, it calms my soul and brings joy to my heart.  He is not doing anything but I am so lucky to watch him sleep and I am grateful for this little nothing.

When we walk into our home and our overly-excited Labrador greets us at the door with his tail wagging like he has not seen us in years but just being a happy dog, I can’t help but feel loved.  I might trip over his clumsy paws but I am still grateful for this little nothing.

At our dinner table, when one of my daughters says something cute and my husband looks at me saying nothing but his expression tells everything, I know that he loves me and this crazy life that we live.  I am grateful for this little nothing.

When I am on the phone with my mom chatting about nonsense but enjoying our conversation, I realize how much I value her friendship and I am grateful for this little nothing.

A friend texts me on a Sunday night just to see how my weekend went even though there was nothing special about this weekend in particular.  I am blessed to have a friend who cares about my ordinary weekend and I am grateful for this little nothing.

When the sun shines down on a Monday afternoon in January, it may not warm the air but it without a doubt warms my spirit, and I am grateful for this little nothing.

In my life, it’s the sweet little nothings that often mean everything.  What little nothings do you cherish?

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