This past weekend, my husband and I took a vacation to Colorado with a small group of friends sans kids.  Life has been pretty hectic recently. In addition to taking care of my three-year old and 9 month old and the start of the legislative session (I’m a lobbyist), my friend is battling cancer, and the emotional roller coaster of that is certainly taking its toll.  But this past weekend, I didn’t think about any of that…

We travelled to Aspen, a place I had only heard of in movies. I skiied, hiked, laughed and enjoyed the company of good friends in a beautiful town.  I am truly blessed that I have the opportunity to go on vacation, that I have parents who are willing and excited to watch my children, and that my children are thrilled to stay with their Gran and Papa.

As a working mom with many responsibilities I get lost sometimes. The me who loves to have lunch in a pub, the me who loves to try on fun sunglasses that are way too expensive to buy but soooo much fun to wear, the me who could talk for hours to my friends about anything and everything. This weekend, I got to be that me, and it was nice.  Tomorrow, I return to the real world and although the same stresses and demands are waiting for me, I cannot wait to hug my kids, rested and ready to face the world.

Taking time for yourself can be a challenge, but it’s so important. I hope you take a moment for yourself, however long or brief you can.  Enjoy yourself. You deserve it.


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