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Post Written by Sarah Bernhardson (January 2012)

I’m kind of a weird-o.

Valentine’s Day is my favorite winter holiday.

Of course I love Christmas…and I don’t love Valentine’s Day because I expect a fancy dinner out, jewelry and rose petals on every surface of my home (could you imagine the clean up?! UGH!).

I love it as a family day.

With two boys, I have made it a goal to teach them how to be appreciative of others and how to think of others in little ways. Valentine’s Day is a great day to teach this. I love making it a special day with tons of small details- fun, homemade crafts, heart-shaped treats, pink and red foods…the list goes on. I try to avoid the commercialized “Hallmark-ness” of the day and focus on making our own fun all day long.

As for my fancy, romantic Valentine’s Day dinner? It will probably look like this again this year:

…and I couldn’t be happier!! I wait all year for my heart-shaped pizza dinner (perhaps with cherry sodas this year??)

I’m looking for more homemade Valentine’s Day ideas! Let’s hear them!

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