You spend the better part of your morning at the office, in the ladies room, washing a half a sippy cup of milk out of the bottom of your handbag.  Nope. Not your diaper bag, but your *ahem* rather expensive Burberry tote bag.  Thinking that you can do this incognito if you quickly duck into the bathroom and lather up with the hand soap and water at the sink, your plan has been discovered by two of your co-workers!  “Minor milk spill! Nothing to worry about here!”  As they each give you strange looks, but yet offer much sympathy at the thought of your beautiful handbag reeking of spoiled milk… (Is there no worse scent?)

drying bag

Fortunately for you, the discovery of your bag turned milkshake happened once you reached your desk, so now you have all day for it to dry out.  (And drip the remaining milk all over your cubicle carpeted floor…)


…not to mention showing off the entire contents of your bag on your desk while the inside of your bag dries.

Joys of Motherhood, right!? 🙂

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