As I am writing this blog post, my daughter is crawling around me and wanting to push herself up. I know the time is coming when I need to baby proof the house and purchase baby gates, locks, plugs and much more.   

Recently, I went online to research what I would need and quickly realized that for every step a child takes there is some type of protective equipment to break or prevent a fall. I feel that this is just crazy and unnecessary. Do I really need a baby gate for every door way, padding for every edge and corner? Locks for anything that can open? When is too much, too much?  

Personally, I just feel as if the retail industry is looking at parents, particularly “first-time parents” as those who are weak and willing to spend anything and buy anything to protect their child. How will our children learn to protect themselves and understand what’s off limits if we bubble wrap their environment?

Readers, what set up do you have or did you have in your home for child safety? How much is too much and at what point do you say enough is enough?

 Thanks for listening to me vent and I hope you share your thoughts and experiences.

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