Last week I was working as I always do when my iPhone received an email from the CEO of our company.

The dreaded “Layoffs are coming” email.

This email was filled with tons of proper company jargon that makes it seem not as bad as it can be which is of course complete crap. The worst part of this email is that we will not find out who is being let go until two and a half weeks.

You heard right: TWO AND A HALF WEEKS!

Seriously you are letting us know and think about possibly losing our jobs for more than two weeks? Doesn’t that seem crazy? I do not understand the logic behind this? Are you trying to give people anxiety until dooms day.

It makes me feel like I am dating an asshole guy who is not that into me. You know the one who you really like, but only calls when he is drunk. He never tells you he doesn’t want to be with you and keeps you strung along.  So you wait for a call, but it never comes. ALRIGHT DOUCHEBAG I am a big girl, just tell me you do not like me so I can move on.


That is what is going on here. My job is the jerk and I am waiting around to see if he likes me. The big problem is I have a huge crush on my job, boss, and work. But if my company doesn’t like me then just tell me so I can move on.

I am lucky to have a diverse background and know I will land on my feet but the idea of doing something else gets me bummed out.

So I sit here and hope for the best, but expect the worst.  I have started to put feelers out but feel like I am in a tough place. I do not want to leave my company if I do not get laid off but I also know how long it takes for Corporate America to hire a person.  What would you do?

For now I am freshening my resume up and searching the Internet, but besides that I guess I will just wait to see if the jerk likes me enough to keep me around.

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