Nora and her daddy are like two peas in a pod. They both like to make silly, and loud, sounds. Both have a good memory for dialogue on TV shows – Ryan can recite a movie after watching it once, especially if it was a comedy, and Nora is starting to repeat some of the lines of her favorite Cat in the Hat episodes. They both can have an intense focus on the task at hand, tuning everything out but what has their attention. They can laugh and find humor in just about everything.

But Nora is a lot like me, too. She enjoys quiet time, and we will often sit and snuggle. She seems to have an early love of music and dance – and hopefully she gets my moves and not her dad’s! We both love to read, we get cranky when we’re hungry, and we’re both terrible sleepers.

As she grows, it’s a treat to see Nora’s personality and interests develop and to observe the ways she is like each of us.

Three peas. Two pods. One sweet girl!



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