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Post Written by Patty Girard (January 2012)

If your house is anything like mine, your windows do not stay clean for long even if you stay on top of it due to sloppy hands and dog drool. Nonetheless, my uncle has passed along his secret window cleaner recipe and I thought some of you may like to give it a shot. I use this cleaner often and it truly leaves no streaks. Your windows will be unbelievably shiny (Beware all birds!) I like Scott paper towels the best because I find that some other brands leave behind lint.

All you have to do is take an empty plastic spray bottle and add a small amount (teaspoon or so) of dish soap and then fill the bottle with warm water. I keep filling it until the suds are gone and the bottle is full with liquid. One bottle goes a long way and surely a teaspoon of dish soap costs less than a bottle of window cleaner.

My mom swore by this and I didn’t believe her! I did not think this would work at first because it seemed like I was just spreading soap suds around on my windows but to my surprise, it really does work every time! Give it a try and you will be saying goodbye to Windex, saving some cash and you will have squeaky clean windows if only until tiny fingers and Fido find their way back to the glass. I give my daughter a spray bottle full of water to play with and she helps me but I usually try to convince her that cleaning the floors is more fun than windows!

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