Two weeks ago, we got the phone call giving us the green light to move ahead with the IVF process.  Huge, right?  This week, we’ll attend an IVF info session, and we’ll  hopefully begin discussing the details with our fertility doctor at an appointment later in the month.

In the meantime, I’ve decided to start preparing myself for the process.  I’ll admit that, after learning we needed help in this department, I stopped trying so hard (although not in the obvious way, my husband will be glad to tell you).   In one way, it was a relief to let go a little.  I didn’t buy another bottle of prenatal vitamins when they ran out—who knew when I’d really need them, anyways?  I gave up taking my temperature in the mornings to track my cycles.  I stopped using ovulation predictor kits to be sure our timing was right.  It felt good to be free of all of that tracking, analyzing and anticipation.  It’s incredible how much time and energy I put into those activities, and how much space they took up in my head every day.  Now, with the prospect of IVF, the stress is a bit different, but it doesn’t sabotage most of my day.

But there are things I feel I need to do to prepare for this next step, before the doctors give me their long list.  I’m going to start taking those prenatals again, because they’re amazing for you, baby or no baby.  I want to sign up for a yoga class, as much for the exercise as the meditation and relaxation.  I’m focusing a lot more on what I eat, how much sleep I’m getting, and relaxing on my time off so that I am at my best when we’re ready to start.

I never thought I’d be so excited for the prospect of multiple—and self-inflicted—injections, extra hormones in my body, and the poking and prodding of doctors.  Doctors who, less than a year ago, were mere strangers, and who now know every last, intimate detail of my body and sex life.

While the process of IVF by no means guarantees us a baby, I am thrilled to at least be given the chance to try.  A baby?  Maybe.  A huge leap in the right direction?  Definitely.

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