Is anything worse than having sick kids? Yes. Having to work and having sick kids.

Olivia has been home sick from preschool since Wednesday of last week. You name the symptom, she’s had it. We went from riding it out (gotta be a virus that just needs to run it’s course) to deciding that she needs to be checked out today.

Sick baby.

Sick baby.

Which means that someone has had to be home with her all this time. If you are a dual income household, how do you decide who has to put work on the back burner? (Single parents have it even tougher – no choice, am I right?!)

And even if you are the parent who goes to work, you’re still potentially exhausted from being up all night with sick kid… Or, in the case of my husband, the iffy wife. (I was rocking a cranky Audrey last night at midnight — do not even get me started again — and for a moment, thought I might get sick. On her. Can you freaking IMAGINE?!)

Do you trade off who stays home with sick kids? Do you have a family member or nanny who helps out? Do you have a flexible work environment that allows you to work from home? Have you and your spouse got an agreement that one job is more important than another?

Let me know what works (if anything!) for your house. In the meantime, I’ll be over here waiting for Liv’s doctor appointment and praying that Audrey isn’t on deck. (Of course she is because, OF COURSE.)


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