Every parent has those moments with your child where you look at them and think “Oh my god he will be the next Einstein!”  Your heart swells and you feel such pride. These moments are inevitably overshadowed two minutes later by something so basic or crazy all you can do is shake your head and deny the child is yours.

Since my son is only 16 months old this back and forth happens many times a week. I figured us as mothers need to keep track of these so I can praise him when needed but also embarrass when needed as well (first date conversation? I think SO!). I am sure there will be many over the next 18 years (and beyond) but here are some to start with.


Genius:  Took his own diaper and put it in the very complicated diaper genie

Not my kid:  Plays with his own feces


Diaper Genie's need blueprints to figure out

Diaper Genie’s need blueprints to figure out

Genius: Learned how to flush the toilet

Not my kid: Tries to eat the plunger (Ewwwww)


This is where a plunger belongs

This is where a plunger belongs

Genius: Helps me put away his toys

Not my kid: Humps his teddy bear (Reminder: Must get video to show future wife)


I know you love your teddy but....

I know you love your teddy but….

Genius: Says “Mommy” to me

Not my kid: Says “Mommy” to the scary bum outside of a convenient store

I can see the resemblance

I can see the resemblance

Genius: Climbs up on the couch all by himself

Not my kid: Fly’s head first onto a hard wood floor


I can only imagine the examples will become funnier with time. My mother has some whoppers which she has retold over the years and I would like to hear from my fellow working mommies. Share your moments of genius and moments when you think “Where did this kid come from?”

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