For the past 6 years I’ve been part of an awesome group of on-line Sisters. Not only are we all Mothers, we also share a spiritual/metaphysical outlook on life, believing we are the creators of everything we experience. To this end, we start each New Year not with resolutions but with a word/theme of the year ~ a word or phrase that encompasses what we’d like to create and experience. For instance, one year I picked the word “Soar” ~ and that turned out to be the year I was inspired to start my blog My Everyday Magic and I became the Sparkle Fairy. (I feel like I need a disclaimer here to tell you sometimes your word doesn’t turn out exactly how you imagined. I had NO idea when I picked the word “Soar” I would be prompted/pushed/nagged by my inner voices to dress up as a Fairy in public to perform random acts of kindness. But even if the word turns out not like what you’d imagined, it always turns out in the way you truly need.) Another year I chose the term “Quantum Shift” and indeed that was the year I experienced many major internal shifts in thinking and beliefs.

The words don’t need to be esoteric (that’s just how I roll). Some of my Sisters have chosen words like: Love, Joy, Play, Success, Wealth, Sex, Peace and Mine. Each word or phrase uniquely unfolding in a way usually surprises and delights us.

This year I wasn’t motivated to chose a word or phrase until just a few days ago. I just haven’t been inspired to come up with an esoteric phrase that would capture all I want to experience this year. So, I stopped thinking esoterically. What I REALLY want this year is EASE. I want all that I’ve been imagining, desiring, and dreaming to manifest in the physical EASILY. I also want everyday tasks and living to be EASY. I’m done learning lessons through struggles, suffering and inconvenience. This year, dammit, I want EASE. So this year, of 2013, my phrase is “It’s so easy!”

And the reason I like my phrase so much is because it works for just about anything.

* Finishing my basement, putting in a natural swimming pond, and turning our home/yard into a wildly imaginative dreamland  ~ it’s so EASY!

* Finding time to pursue the things I’m interested in ~ it’s SO EASY!

* Finding the right people to help me with my latest website project ~ it’s SO EASY!

* Writing this post while 3 young boys vie for my attention ~ it’s so FREAKIN’ EASY!

* Letting the wild, outrageous wealth roll in ~ it’s SO, SO EASY!!!

* Convincing my 5 year old he REALLY CAN go poop in the toilet ~ WOW, IT’S SO UNBELIEVABLY EASY!

* Getting my 18 month old to sleep through the night in his own bed ~ IT’S SO DAMN EASY!  (and here’s an early testimonial ~ I started using this phrase with Kai before bed exactly a week ago and the past 6 out of 7 nights he HAS slept in his own bed all night long. Before this he’d only slept in his own bed the whole night twice in the last 5 months. Dudes, I’m SOLD!)

* Keeping our power, electricity, cable, phone, and internet during the last winter storm ~ IT’S SO EASY! (Another testimonial: our power flickered and went out quite a few times during Winter Storm Nemo, but each time I commanded “I’m keeping my power  ~ it’s so easy!” and it would come back on. I shit you not.)

To really seal the deal with my phrase of the year, I’ve added to my Amazon shopping cart one of those “Easy” button, ’cause you know, why not?

It's so damn easy!

It’s so damn easy!

I have a feeling I’m going to become quite obnoxious as I use my “It’s so easy” left and right for just about every life situation….because it already seems to be working incredibly well!

Try it yourself (even just for one day) or pick a word/phrase of your own and see how 2013 surprises and delights you.

The Year I Soared!

The Year I Soared!


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