I have always been a multitasker.  In fact, if I’m not doing a million things at a time I don’t like it.  Thus why I love the internet and even more love my smart phone. But I digress.  You see, before I had kids I could multitask incredibly effectively, but now I get lost in my multitasking.  I carry something from one room to another and freeze, unsure of why I’m there or where I’m going.  I’ll begin doing one task, like getting dinner ready for the kids, but I see a lego on the floor and before I know it, I’ve cleaned up half the living room.

I remember my mom talking about this growing up, and I thought she was crazy. I refuse to believe it’s because I am aging. I think that somehow having two children has zapped my brain.  This makes me feel better, so I’m ok going with it.  I don’t love my kids any less, in fact, I love them more for making this bizarre occurrence seemingly normal.

Has your multitasking taken a hit? Any recommendations or remedies?

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