Remember when we just had to shower and get ourselves to work? Remember when we were single or B.K. (Before Kids)  when we thought we had too much going on or we were too tired to properly function at work because we only have 7 hours of sleep?

That’s funny now, isn’t it?

I had a morning that seemed to be the epitome of a (disorganized) working mom morning. Maybe some working moms are much more organized and their children listen diligently on the first request to get dressed. I’m not exactly that mom.

This morning, it was one of those mornings where I just chuckled about how I used to think mornings were difficult B.K. Ha. Ha. Ha.

This morning, I’m still recovering from my “quick run to the pharmacy” last night for last minute candy and valentines cards (we forgot the extended class for Andrew in addition to his afternoon kindergarten class) and stuff for my wife and the boys. That “quick run” after leaving work at 7 pm took me over an hour and the CVS was probably over capacity with people. The parking lot (down several spots due to snow) was another adventure in patience and mindfulness.

This morning, I am still a little sluggish from my Brooklyn/Mumford & Sons chaperoning on Tuesday night and having 6 hours of meetings with the biggest of the corporate bigwigs and lawyers in my company on 3.5 hours of sleep yesterday.

This morning, I’m a single mom since Lois had an early morning work thing.

My morning went like this:

  • up by 6 am. Did not have time to work out (like usual, sigh). Chided myself for not getting up at 5 am.
  • 6:15 am – I get a  frantic call from Lois about something she needed at work and if I could brainstorm about how I could get something to her 50 min away in like an hour. I had no viable solutions.
  • 6:30 am – an extra child arrives (9 year old boy).
  • I shower, feed him, get my 2 up, get the Valentines for 2 separate Kindergarten classes and one preschool class all recounted and in their appropriate bags. (NOTE: The Valentines I sent to school were store-bought superhero cards with tootsie rolls scotch-taped to each one. They are not pretty creative Pinterest ones. Mommy fail? Do I really think my boys care? Do I even care?)
  • Then I handle a 3 year old meltdown about what shirt to wear (10 mins?)
  • We are out of French Toast sticks (the horror) so I find bread for toast in the freezer. Give the 6 year old some chocolate something cereal (Krave? yuck!).
  • Remind him no less than 3 times that he’s buying lunch.
  • 7:00 am – Another extra kid shows up (6 year old boy). Now I have 3 boys running around like loonies (the 4th boy is just watching this). I’m trying to get 2 of the 3 fed, hair brushed, and “who didn’t brush their teeth this morning? I have new toothbrushes in the package.”
  • 3 year old is still sluggish from the meltdown and won’t let go of my leg.
  • Can’t find Andrew’s winter coat (he has 3) ANYWHERE. Can all 3 of them be in the other car? The car that’s not here?
  • Dry my hair (20 min after I should have).
  • Broken zipper on my pants. Run back upstairs. Other matching clean pants are wrinkled. Fix zipper.
  • Throw 3 yr old’s snacks, juice, lunch, movies and toys in a backpack.
  • Count to 10 to get the 3 other knuckleheads in their shoes, jackets and in the car with backpacks.
  • Run to the condo next door to bring 3 yr old to the sitter (who has 1 yr old twins).
  • Wish the sitter luck, run back to the van and realize I still have no coat for Andrew. Run back in the house. Search EVERYWHERE. Grab a spring jacket. Oh well. It’s a warm February day.
  • Drop the 3 hyper boys off at school (sorry elementary school teachers!).
  • Call Dylan’s school from the car to ask if Dunkin munchkins are okay for school.
  • Run to Dunkin and get 75 munchkins and an EXTRA LARGE coffee for me.
  • At Dunkin, I reach down and realize my zipper (which is on the side seam) has broken again.
  • Run home. On the way home, making a right turn too quick into my road on the slushy icy stuff, I slide about 8 feet more than I intended and some woman who should have stopped earlier coming the other way only noticed me and seemed alarmed when a giant blue minivan was INCHES from the side of her car. I waved and smiled – Hi!  Thankfully, I didn’t hit her.
  • Pull in driveway and open the garage because I don’t have the house key. Hope Dylan doesn’t hear it next door and see me out the window.
  • Run upstairs. Clean and ironed pants don’t fit at all. Iron other pants. (Make mental note about needing to lose 10 lbs, okay maybe 20, ASAP)
  • Run to Andrew’s school. Drop off munchkins. (Proud of myself for actually remembering the school’s security guard by name when I wished him a Happy Valentine’s Day)
  • Get to work and realize 1/2 my makeup still needs finishing
  • At my desk at work with the computer on by 8:52 am.
  • At 9:02 realize I never fed Dylan. Text my neighbor with pathetic apologies.
  • Put alert in my Outlook calendar for 11:30 am with the following “Home by 11:55. Dylan by 12:05. Grab munchkins. Dylan’s snacks. Grab lunch for self. Dylan to school at 12:15”
  • 9:20 hear buzzes in the office that the 2nd biggest corporate bigwig is in the office today (the one who likes to see very clean work spaces)
  • Do some frantic filing and Lysol wiping
  • Back to work by 9:35 am
  • 9: 55 am – Spill coffee down front of my white shirt. The absolute front of the shirt. The part that my sweater cannot hide. Realize my Tide pen is in my other work bag. Scour the office for one. Success!
  • Stomach rumbling at 10:05, I find some TJ’s oatmeal in my desk drawer.
  • School nurse calls me back at 10:10 am and tells me munchkins are okay for the preschoolers. Thank her. Hang up trying to remember what I did with Dylan’s munchkins.
  • Put alert in my phone for 12:02 pm saying “MUNCHKINS ON FREEZER IN GARAGE”
  • Corp bigwig picks the conference room with windows right by me to hold meeting all day. I feel like I’m in a fishbowl ALL. DAY. LONG.
  • Pull focus together and have a successful day managing work chaos until 11:30 Outlook notice pops up to go get Dylan and bring him to school
  • 11:35 out the office door to be a mom during a make-shift lunch break and back at the desk in less than an hour. Dman at school with his snacks, Munchkins, Valentines and his library book (that was due yesterday).


I realize that some mommies have mornings like this every day. And I salute you.  I’m exhausted.

Hope every mommy has a wonderful Valentine’s Day and hope you had a little moment at some point today where you could cherish some peace while also appreciating how lucky we moms are to be blessed the wonderful chaos that is a family!








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