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Let me just begin by saying that I’m not a “winter” person. I’ll take a sandy beach to a ski slope any day and I’d gladly trade my UGGS for flip-flops. As soon as the temps start to drop below 60 degrees, I e-mail my husband links to job opportunities and real estate listings in locations where the only evergreens are palm trees.

But I do love a good snow day and consider them one of the perks of living in New England. So I was pretty excited when I heard that we were (finally) getting a snowstorm and we would likely be snowed-in for a couple days…and over a weekend too (yippee!). No errands! No sports! No stressing about being somewhere on-time! Both my husband’s office and mine declared a “work-at-home” day on Friday!

While most of my Facebook feed was filled with grumbling about the snow and complaining that “the kids will be going to school in July,” I’m finding the joy in it – here are my top 10 reasons for loving a snowed-in weekend.

10.  Working from home. Somehow writing copy for our company’s new website is so much more appealing when it’s done in pj’s and slippers.

9.  Reading…for hours. How long has it been since you could flop on the couch, wrap yourself in a blanket and just read a book (or Kindle)? All I need is a steaming cup of tea.

8.  Watching old movies. My son and I are in agreement – The Wizard of Oz is the best movie EVER. Yes, there is no place like home.

7.  Being outside while it’s snowing. There is something so magical about snow – it’s beautiful and the silence during a snowfall is almost profound. I still like to catch snowflakes on my tongue.

6.  Shoveling is good exercise. Great for the arms, the legs, and oh-so-many calories burned! Which brings me to….

5.  Impromptu neighborhood pot-luck dinners. The kind where everyone brings something – Lisa brought baked ziti, Liz a giant salad, I made a pot of chili, and Doris baked brownies. I consumed calories equivalent to those burned while shoveling (probably a lot more).

4.  Rediscovering small appliances. The carb-fest continued. I dug out the waffle iron and made banana-chocolate chip waffles for breakfast. Better get back to shoveling.

3.  Snow inspires creativity. Our street had not been plowed and we couldn’t get to our usual sledding hill. What’s a kid to do? If you can’t get to the mountain, bring the mountain to you. The neighborhood kids piled up the snow and created a luge track in the yard. 2014 Winter Olympics here they come!

2.  Bored? Play board games! Nothing brings a family together like Monotony…oops, I meant, Monopoly. My husband pulled a Chance card that declared him the winner of a beauty contest and my kid was buying hotels like he was Conrad Hilton. I went bankrupt. But there are worse things than having a real estate mogul for a son and a hottie for a husband.

1.  Neighbors helping neighbors. We have a few elderly residents, a single mom, and a city worker who was out all weekend driving one of the city’s snow plows living in our ‘hood. Everyone pulls together to shovel and snow-blow these people out so that they don’t have to do it alone. I love the feeling of community that often eludes us in our busy daily lives.

Our street was plowed out late on Sunday night, just in time to resume the regular work-school schedule and I think I’m ready to return to reality. Although, I may have heard the meteorologist say there was a chance for another storm this weekend.




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