I am a ball of mixed emotions. My husband and I just booked our first weekend away (three entire days — an entire plane ride away) from the girls.


I am equal parts out-of-my-mind excited and out-of-my-mind terrified.

A whole weekend away! With grown ups! Celebrating with dear friends we see FAR too infrequently! Relaxing in the sun. Having many adult drinks. Sleeping late. SQUEEEEEEEEEE!

A whole weekend away. From my girls. What if they get sick? What if they get hurt? What if they NEED US? What if we die? OMG, STEPHANIE. SERIOUSLY. DEEP BREATHS, CRAZY.

We are pretty freaking lucky to have such amazing family. Aunties and Grandma are taking the wheel and even staying at our house with the girls so we know they’ll be in good hands. And spoiled.

And maybe… we’ll remember what this feels like:



So, we have a little time to prepare. Seasoned vets, any tips?

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