This last Saturday I had the honor of accompanying Michelle Noehren and Kriste Nucci Stevenson to an interview on NBC Morning News (I don’t believe there is a link yet. Anyone? Anyone?) as we talked about the True Confessions series that happened here a couple of weeks ago.  As you probably know by now, there’s nothing I love better than a true confession so let me give you some about my interview day.

* Friday night we had a birthday party for my 8 year old (parents included). Suffice to say I went to the interview a tad bit hung-over.

*  Hubby was very supportive and encouraging of the interview, but that morning he came down in martyr-mode complaining of illness and giving me the ol’ woe-is-me bit and fake cough. (Okay, perhaps the cough was real but how come I only hear him cough when I’m in his line of vision?) I wanted to strangle him or at least swear at him, but I was a good wife and told him how sorry I was he was sick and then I went to get him some Dayquil. I never once, however, contemplated staying home.

* Hubby was well enough, however, to remind me many, many times not to shake my foot incessantly like I did on the Today show last June.

* I also felt the need to remind myself many times not to shake my foot incessantly like I did on the Today show last June.

* I like to think of myself as an accomplished and confident public speaker. I used to teach group fitness classes, run fitness seminars, and I had my own radio show for 3 years (and perhaps you’ve even seen me on the Today show. That’s me in the purple, shaking my foot incessantly).  Because of this, I was taken by complete surprise when the first question directed towards me got me so flustered that I felt my tongue turn into mush and I got so dizzy I thought I might pass out! Thankfully, I looked at Michelle and that helped ground me and get my words out right. (At least I think they came out right, I haven’t seen that link yet!)

* Of course, my near pass-out experience might have had a little to do with my hang-over. Maybe.

* The interview was over just as soon as I was getting warmed up and I told my girls, Michelle and Kriste, we REALLY needed a full 30 minutes. To which Kriste replied that what we REALLY need is our own talk show. Hmmmmmm……

* One of my favorite parts of this whole experience was that I had close to 2 hours in the car ALL BY MYSELF! Ahhhhh….I’m in heaven just thinking about it.

* One the way home after the interview I stopped at a convenience store and got a Coke for my hangover.

Happy Magical Monday!  ♥

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