IMAG0135As a mom, it’s not about me anymore.  Sometimes I’m good at knowing that and other times, not so much.  Last night I was rear ended on the Merritt Parkway…with my kids in the car.  Everyone is ok, thank god.  But last night definitely wasn’t about me, it was all about ensuring my kids were fine and didn’t register the chaos occurring around them.  Our car was hit pretty hard, making it impossible to drive, meaning that we were sitting on a two lane highway for an hour waiting for the police and tow trucks.   When the accident happened, I didn’t scream or freak out or cry. I turned around and went into crisis counseling mode with my kids.  Ensuring they were physically ok and then emotionally.

After it first happened, I briefly spoke with the man who hit me and made a quick call to 911 to get the show on the road, but then I got right back in my car and pretended we were on an adventure.  My daughter had been sleeping when the accident occurred so she woke up pretty upset which then upset my son.  I had one bottle and some cheerios for my daughter and fruitloops and ritz crackers for my son (he was in heaven).  When an ambulance that happened to be driving by pulled up I got my son all excited to meet the EMTs and when we had to get out of our car in the middle of the highway as traffic drove past us and climb into a tow truck I kept up my enthusiasm, talking to my son about how exciting it all was.  Little did he know I was terrified.

Luckily, my husband wasn’t too far behind us and was able to pick us up at a park and ride off the highway.  As we waited for him to arrive, I took pictures of my son in the tow truck and danced with my baby girl in the cold.  It wasn’t until we got home and I finally sat down that the magnitude of what happened hit me (no pun intended).  We were ok…we could have not been.

Being a mom never ceases to amaze me.  For my son, this experience will always be the night he got to ride in a tow truck not the night we were rear ended on the highway.  I’m pretty impressed with my calm under pressure…but am good to go with it being tested again any time soon!

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