I am going through an outlook-on-life transition. I acknowledge that I’m a work in progress as it relates to my own self and my parenting. I’ve been really focusing on adopting the mindfulness approach to everything and it’s coming slowly.

I’m trying to focus on the important things and block out the silly ones. One thing I’d like to accomplish is to not let things ruin my day. I don’t want to get riled up or frustrated with things so easily.

I keep thinking about the Dalai Lama and something he said about letting negativity pass by you like the wind. Let it go around you and be gone.

So, before I completely throw myself into this “not letting anything effect me” period of growth, I have to get a few things off my chest as a mom.

I have certain pet peeves about people in public. Maybe I never noticed before, maybe I’ve even been guilty of a few myself (before motherhood), but they bug me now. I just wish I could sometimes force people to be a little more considerate, or think before they do something. We’ve all done dumb things and I’m sure we’ve all been guilty of being inconsiderate, but I just want people to pay more attention to the world around them, especially when that little world involves children.

Mommy’s Pet Peeves:

  1. People who park way too close to the side doors of the minivan. Yes, I realize that the doors slide open rather than open wide, but don’t be bent out of shape if I accidentally whack your side mirror with my 25 lb infant carrier. Little kids come with “stuff” and the “stuff” takes up space.
  2. People who use the elevator at the mall when they don’t need to. There is one elevator in the middle of our local mall. It’s about 50 yards from a set of escalators in the food court. I strongly believe that the elevator should be for people who cannot use the escalators, i.e. those in wheelchairs, those with walkers, moms with strollers, etc. I get a little irritated when 7 able-bodied teenage girls pile into the elevator all the while texting on their cell phones (to each other, I’m sure) as 2-3 moms with strollers have to wait for the next one.
  3. Single diners at a seat-yourself restaurant who take one of the last remaining tables for 4+ while there are a plethora of 2-top tables open. Especially when there are a few families of 3+ walking in the door. I watched a man sit at a 4-topper at Five Guys last week enjoying his meal while a family of 4 was trying to move a few double tables and chairs around so they could all sit together. He watched them but barely even blinked.
  4. People who park in the “Expectant Mom” or “Parents with Newborns” spots at the mall that don’t have any evidence of a car seat in their vehicle. Now, I never actually parked in those spots when I was entitled to, but since those spots do exist, I would think that an able-bodied person should walk a few more steps than say, an 8-month pregnant mom with twins or a frazzled mom with a toddler and a newborn. Just saying.  (And don’t even get me started about people who park in Handicapped spots that have absolutely no business doing so)
  5. The perfect mothers who huff, mumble something or look at you disapprovingly in public when your child does something imperfect or when you don’t have the perfect textbook parenting response ready at the moment. We all know we’re not perfect at this parenting thing, right? And even some of the best behaved children can be total pains at certain moments. Of course, we are supposed to not drag our child places when we know they are tired. In a perfect world, all errands would be run by happy moms and well-rested, well-prepped and well-behaved children who don’t need to be bribed (ahem, I meant “positive reinforcement rewarded”) with anything. Not sure if I’ve ever had that experience, personally. But I do not need the glares of other mothers when I’m trying to get through our task without permanent emotional scarring (no, I’m not spanking my child or having ineffectively lame negotiations). My kids are the ones that don’t stay still. I’m working on it. Don’t huff at me unless you’ve raised the most perfect child ever who has just written an award-winning book about the perfect parenting he was raised with.  (Bonus points: count the number of times I said “perfect” in this paragraph)
  6. People who curse like crazy in public. Sometimes they are walking around the mall on their cell phones YELLING “and then that effing bitch said…” or teenagers that continuously pose for selfies in the food court while flicking off the camera (I’m not sure why this is so cool). I don’t think that behavior is really necessary anyway, but at least be somewhat aware of the 3 and 6 year olds sitting a table away from you.
  7. People who need to drive 40 mph through parking lots. And through condo complexes. Note: if you fly through my condo complex and catch air over the speed bumps while my kids and I are outside, I will make quick note of the pizza sign on your roof and call your boss quicker than you can say “hold the anchovies”. I’ve done it before and I’ll do it again. True story.

Go ahead, call me Snarky. I’m sure I’m not the only mom with pet peeves.

Please feel free to share some of your own. I promise not to judge.

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