So this weeks post is my call for help!

Miles is in second grade, so the last 2 years, during school vacation weeks we would sign him up for some fun camps or activities during those off days.  Most of our family lives out-of-state and the best times to take vacations and spend time with them is in the summer months.

This year, however, we made the decision to send Miles to a private school and the calendar is MUCH different than it is for public school.  While most school kids have a week in February and then another in April, we have 2 weeks off in March.   We knew this when we signed up, and my parents graciously offered to take some time off themselves and come on down to CT for some quality time with their first grandchild.

As the time is getting closer I am at a loss for activities to set them up with to do!  While Miles would probably be very happy watching endless shows on Netflix or playing video games, that’s not exactly how I want him spending his vacation (or my parents vacation days)!

Young Boy (8-10) Sitting on a Couch Playing a Video Game

While some screen time will happen, I don’t want ALL of vacation to look like this!
Photo Credit: Office images

Besides setting them up with some arts and craft projects, I have a few ideas of day trips they can make – the library, KidCity, the Science Museum, and if he plays the puppy dog eyes for my mom, a trip to Chuck E. Cheese.  But, there are only so many times you can do those things (especially that last one – gah!).  The other problem is that many activities that these places would normally have during the day will be geared towards families of small children, not a family trying to entertain an almost 8-year-old!

So dear readers, what suggestions do you have?  What kinds of cool things would you do (or have you done) on a random day off with a school-age kid?  I’m looking for fun, cost-effective activities, that my parents could easily drive to in a reasonable radius of Central CT (they probably won’t be making the trek to the Bronx Zoo).



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