Pardon me for saying what I’m about to say, as it sounds a little harsh.  I’m going to slap the next person who says “It’s just a phase”.  Honestly, I think I might.  Kitten is going through something (don’t you dare call it a phase).  For the last few weeks she has been out of sorts.  Her lack of sorts has resulted in a lack of sleep-hers and ours.  Last night we were all awake from 11:40 until 1:15, and one of us was screaming for the majority of the time (I won’t say who).

This little cherub actually bears a striking resemblance to Kitten.

First it started with her getting a cold, and then Fifth’s disease, and then an ear infection, and then a stomach bug.  All back to back.  We attributed her foul mood and sleepless nights to her foul health and did what any normal parent would; we brought her to sleep in our bed.  It seemed like a good idea at the time.  Famous.last.words.  She settled back into her own bed for a few days and then something cosmic happened to bring us right back down off our Great Parents Pedestal.

I say cosmic because every mother with a child born in Spring of 2011 I have talked to is having the same problem.  None of them are sleeping. They are either waking in the middle of the night screaming like a tween at a One Direction concert or are waking up at the butt crack of dawn.  Or in our case: both.  God help us all when mommy hasn’t had a full night’s sleep.

You can just hear the girls screaming can’t you?

My friends of the other kids involved in the cosmic event are all trying to put our fingers on what has caused this issue.  Crowd sourcing on Facebook revealed: language development, motor development, budding teeth, and illness.  You know typical two year old behavior.  Someone without a child in this age bracket, but certainly a parent of an older child, commented that “it’s just a phase”.  Thanks for that.  Can we all agree that on the list of most unhelpful comments out there “it’s just a phase” is up at the top?  Right underneath “Gee, you sure are running late.”

I know it’s just a phase.  Believe me, I am reminding myself daily as I slog through my workday and hope for a better night’s sleep.  What would be more helpful from the experienced moms out there would be some empathy.    It always makes me feel better to know that other parents have been down this road before and lived to tell about it, and so did their kids.  And perhaps a big cup of coffee wouldn’t hurt either.

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