I’m considering a new career.

Well, let me clarify. I’m not looking for a career change; let’s call it a career addition. It’s not that I hate my current job. I actually love what I do; I just want to add a little…something.

But my little something will surely mean a big change for our family.

There are schedule concerns – we have a nice balance with things right now; will I totally rock the boat?

And the child care considerations – I care for my daughter during the day now. How will my career addition affect this?

I may need to go back to school for my new pursuit – how long will that take?

There’s a timing question – do I do this now or later?

Despite all the unknown, I do know that I’ve been ready for a change. And my husband’s support means I’m ready to start searching for the answers to some of these questions.

As for my daughter? I’ll take my cue from her.

Jump right in, take it one step at a time, and get ready to make a splash.

Cute boots won't hurt, either. Photo credit Christa Allard

Cute boots won’t hurt, either.
Photo credit Christa Allard

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