Since December 18, 2012, our now ten-month-old daughter has suffered from five ear infections and has had an allergic reaction to two out of the five antibiotics.

To say the least, the past two months have been very upsetting, tiresome, stressful and draining for our entire family.

This past week my frustration hit a breaking point when she developed yet another ear infection and the pediatrician and her ENT specialist shrugged their shoulders and said, “Let’s give it a few more weeks and see what happens.”

When they spoke those words, I decided to take matters into my own hands as her mother. After hours of research, asking friends and family and even speaking with both of her doctors, my husband and I decided to call a chiropractor in our town to see if he could treat our daughter for recurring ear infections. After spending over twenty minutes on the phone speaking with the chiropractor about our daughter’s situation and feeling comfortable with his success rate, we will now be taking her three times a week to his office.  He said we should notice a difference in two to six sessions, which equals no more than two weeks!

While we are still cautious about bringing her to a chiropractor at such an early age, it’s worth the risk in hopes that this will prevent the need for surgery.

Next week we will be bringing her back to the pediatrician to assess the fluid in her ears (she’s currently being treated for yet another ear infection). If some of the fluid in the ears has properly drained, then we will know this is working!


I am going to continue writing about our journey towards (hopefully) preventing surgery and will be sure to keep readers informed. I hope that if you ever have to experience what we are going through, then you will be that much more prepared to make a decision on treatment.

Stay tuned and please share if you have ever taken your child to a chiropractor. No one in either of our families has ever been to one so this is very new to us.


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