I’m going to sound like one of those people, but here goes… Where does the time go? My baby is a boy now. It’s been happening gradually (obviously), but it seems as if instantaneously he is a child, having conversations with me, asking well thought out questions, and making me laugh harder than ever.

This winter it really hit me.  After the big snow storm, as we were maneuvering across the city on our way home from work trying to avoid traffic on two lane roads that were now plowed down to one, I had a flashback to a similar drive home two years earlier, except during that trip Don was was a baby and he screamed the entire time.  This year, Don was in the back seat asking me questions about my navigation choices and commenting on all of the traffic and snow on the sides of the road.  A huge smile came across my face at how pleasant it was to be conversing with my child, instead of wanting to pull my hair out from the stress of a screaming baby.

I’m only human though, so the worry soon began to creep back in at thoughts of the years to come and that soon I will be the mom to an elementary school child.  I remember being in elementary school, how can this even be possible?  How will I manage this? What will Don be like? Then, I had to stop myself.  If I’ve learned anything in this whole parenting thing, it’s that just as you begin to get comfortable in a particular stage, they change. Kids are just like life…always changing.

So, instead of allowing the worry to take hold, I have decided to enjoy the conversations, the funny voices and songs he sings while playing make believe and the fact that he now asks if I can cuddle him…anytime Sir!

But, time sure does go by fast!

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