This past weekend my bouncy little loving two year old brought a tummy bug home with him from daycare.  My husband and I combatted the evil bug with bananas, rice, toast, naps, and way too many epis of kiddie TV shows.  Jake came through (mostly) in flying colors.  Everyone went off to work and daycare on Monday, but the real trouble hit Tuesday in the wee early hours of morning darkness.  Momma Bear got sick.  Oye.  There is nothing on Earth like the wrath of a stomach bug.  It is not fit for man nor beast (nor MOMMA!)  -Especially Momma!  I texted my mother around 7:00 and begged her to come with my father to help me with the morning Jake routine, get him to daycare, and have them babysit ME at their house for the day.  There was no way I was going to be a functioning member of society- I only had one function that day, and it was not socially acceptable.

So, we (fine, my Mom and Dad) dressed Jake, and had him ready for drop off.  We left daycare around 9:00, and came right to my parent’s house, where I planted myself under a pile of afghans and my Mom fed me dry toast before she headed off to work herself.  Around 10:00 I was woken from my sick-bliss-slumber by a call from Jake’s daycare- he had a relapse of the bug, and could I come pick him up.  (It was not really a question, but more of a requirement!)  So, after mustering up enough energy, slowly, so as not to pass out from exhaustion and the onset of dehydration, my Dad and I drove to pick up a sick Jake.

Picture this- my Dad, who was a full-time appliance repair man during my childhood years when my Mom stayed home to care for my brother and I, was now left home with his grown daughter, and her son, both sick and disgusting, trying to manage our affairs for the day.  I LOVE HIM, AND I COULDN’T BE MORE GRATEFUL!  Not only is it horrible when our children get sick, but I swear, every time I catch one of these kid bugs, I get it ten times worse!  Today, everyone is healthy, and back at work, and back at daycare, but now I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop, and have my poor Dad get sick from this!  Even so, I know he’d take our sick and germy selves in any time.  Cuz’ that’s what parents do!


Nothing like a Poppy and his Grandson!


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