This weekend is going to be a first! I am going to be watching a girlfriend’s daughter (a month older than my son) for the weekend. She needed a hand and I was more than eager to help. (Remember ladies ask a fellow mother!)

I am curious to see how mothers of two or more have it. No, I am not a masochist, but I am planning on having more than one child, so I may as well get used to the craziness. I am slightly optimistic that it will be tons of fun, not only for me but for my son. My son will finally have someone his size to play with instead of his lame, tired-ass parents.

So parents of two or more kids can you help a momma out? Hints? Any ideas that will make my weekend any easier would be greatly appreciated.

This will be me this weekend! Pray for me

This will be me this weekend! Pray for me

     P.S: The children are 16 month and 17 months 🙂

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