I claim a personal MOM victory here today.  I, Marie, went into Target and came in searching for one item, and left with said item.  And ONLY said item.  I did not take a huge red cart upon entering the store, I did not get distracted by the two aisles of dollar items, and I did not saunter over to the Essie nail polish display.  I came, I saw, I bought.  End of story.

Honestly, I’m not gonna lie- this is the first, and probably the only time this will ever happen.  It was a perfect storm of factors that led to my in and out trip- I was alone, sans child, I was running to another appointment (ok, full disclosure, a MANICURE appointment), and it was a Saturday morning, so the place was swarming with families, tweens, and hunter gatherers filling up those red carts with all sorts of “necessary” items.  I had to be quick.

The total satisfaction I got from honing in on my item, finding it in the mess of similar items, trying it on, and beaming with glee, rivals the satisfaction from going into Target and legit only buying that one thing.  Victory was MINE!

Oh, and in case you were wondering what this mystery item is, it’s this fabulous enamel elephant bracelet!  Such a nice addition to my usual stack, and so worth the effort.  Have you ever been able to go into Target and only buy what’s on your list?  What makes that place so addictive that you just want to BUY EVERYTHING in your line of vision!?

elephant bracelet

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