The chiropractic sessions are going very smoothly. Maddie is now recognizing the chiropractor and doesn’t fear him as much as she has in the past.  While her back and neck seem to be in better alignment, she is currently sick with a cold, which of course results in her having some fluid in the ears. It is very frustrating, because her pediatrician can never seem to make a good judgment on whether she has fluid in the ears from a new cold or if the fluid has been there for awhile.   

The next major appointment we have is with her ENT at the end of March. If she still has fluid when they inspect her ears and conduct the audiogram than the ENT is probably going to want to schedule surgery. The big question I have is that is she really suffering from chronic fluid in the ear, because her tubes will not drain or is it that she is sick every month? The pediatrician told me that it takes approximately 4-6 weeks for fluid to drain from an ear after a cold. Thus, if she is sick every month, how can the fluid ever drain properly and completely?

 If you recall back a few weeks ago, there was one Saturday that we had to take her to the doctor’s, because we thought she had an ear infection. Not only did she not have an infection, but she did not have any fluid in the ear. So, part of me isn’t really sure if it truly takes 4-6 weeks for ear fluid to drain properly after a cold. I believe in this instance it was the chiropractor sessions working to help drain the fluid.


Deep down inside, I feel that she simply has immature eustachian tubes and that the chiropractic sessions are actually working. If it wasn’t for those colds I guarantee she wouldn’t have any fluid in the ear.

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