This week I read John Kinnear’s blog post “The 10 Toddler Words I’ll Miss the Most.” Between tears of laughter, his words really hit home; my daughter is too at the stage where her vocabulary is growing every day, but sometimes her dad and I wonder if she’ll ever truly learn English or if she’ll be lost in toddler-speak forever. On the other hand, her makeshift words are so darn cute, especially when she says them with a goofy grin, it makes you sort of wish she’ll hang on to those words (and the sheer excitement that she finally has words) indefinitely.

To add to John’s awesome list, here are some of our favorite “words” that Nora says:

Booson: boots on

Nora likes to put mommy’s booson and do laps around the first floor very, very slowly. It’s hilarious, though, watching her parade around in my calf-height boots, which come up over her knees. Intermittently, while walking, she’ll proudly exclaim, “Booson!!” Lately, this is one of her favorite things to do. And, consequently, one of my favorite things to watch her do.

Crycream: ice cream

This is a special request, almost always made at Nana and Papa’s house. They have their own little bedtime routine, and it involves sharing a small cup of crycream in Nana’s lap after a bath.

Boffee: coffee

Nora has an obsession with coffee. She’s jealous of my morning cup, hating that I’m giving it attention instead of her. She also loves to watch us brew it, and loudly pronounces that we are “making boffee.” She pretends to drink from cups, and her horse and cow “swim” in them when they’re empty. Just wait ’til she’s old enough to actually try coffee. I bet she’ll be even more hooked.

La-lur: water

We seem to talk a lot about water at our house. La-lur in the tub she bathes in, la-lur in the puddles she jumps in, la-lur that falls from the sky and that she hears on her white noise machine, la-lur that she drinks from her cup and steals from my water bottle.

Lililililililililee: kitty

Nora gets super excited when she sees our cat. The cat that rarely comes up from the basement, because she is intimidated by Nora’s enthusiasm. Upon emerging from the cat door that leads down the stairs, Nora inevitably squeals “Lililililililiee!” How many syllables the word has hinges on just how happy she is to see the cat. This word has a tendency to get very, very long.


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With expressions like these, it's no wonder silly things come out of that mouth. Photo credit R. Allard

With expressions like these, it’s no wonder silly things come out of that mouth.
Photo credit R. Allard


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