This past Easter weekend I had the pleasure of spending over ten hours in the car with my three daughters. My family traveled all around New England visiting family and friends. I tried very hard not to let the commotion and hectic activity of the weekend stress me out or wear me down. Last evening, when we finally returned home at 9PM, I reflected on the time that we spent as a family, and the hysterical conversations we had during the car trips. I learned many, many new things about Easter and the traditions that go with it. I couldn’t resist sharing with you the new facts about Easter that I learned from my four-year old and two-year old:

From my four-year old:

  • The Easter Bunny is a girl because Mee-Moo gave me a card with the Easter Bunny on it and she has eyelashes…boys don’t have eyelashes.
  • I think the Easter Bunny has magical helpers with magical wands, cause I’ve seen bunnies hop and there is no way he can make it to all the houses in one night.
  • Trying to dye brown eggs does not work!
  • The Easter Bunny does not bring presents for Moms (big shout out to my husband here for not getting me a basket this year. I know it’s all about the kids, but we just scarred our children…seriously, now my daughters are convinced that I did something to piss off the Easter Bunny!)
  • Sometimes if I have to poop I pretend the tiles on the floor are my friends and I talk to them, and it helps, and I think the Easter bunny poops eggs when he gets worried.

From my two-year old:

  • I will eat my little sister’s candy if she gets any, because she has no teeth.
  • Why does the Easter Bunny hide the eggs? I don’t want to run and find them, I just want to eat the candy!
  • Everyone should just eat bacon for Easter, it’s better than ham.
  • Sometimes the Easter Bunny goes to your Grandparent’s house early to leave presents and eggs because they are Grandparents and they are really old.
  • Even if you bite your sister you sometimes get eggs.



The best part of spending hours and hours in the car is the hilarious conversations you can have with your children. I hope that everyone who celebrated had a very happy Easter!


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