She’s a toy.  She’s a teether.  She’s sweet, she squeaks, and she’s virtually indestructible.  She can calm a crying baby with ease and if I didn’t know any better, I might think she’s magic.

Just look around and you are sure to spot this speckled cutie in the hands and mouths of infants across the world.  If you haven’t guessed yet, I’m talking about Sophie the giraffe!

Sophie 1

Don’t worry, she’s all natural!

I have to admit that I hadn’t heard of Sophie when my first two children were babies.  I was first introduced to this baby-whisperer of a toy when two of my college roommates came to my house for a playdate.  One of the babes left behind her beloved Sophie and I had to mail her home…but not before I checked her out for myself.

My first impression of Sophie was “Meh, she’s a rubber giraffe, what’s the big deal?”  Then, I started to see her EVERYWHERE I went.  I saw babies in the market holding on to her for dear life with their tiny fingers.  I watched babies at the playground chomp down on her legs and head like no tomorrow and to my amazement, all of these babies seemed so content.  I had to wonder, what is it about Sophie?

Sophie 2


Sophie 3


 She sure must taste good!

Sophie 4

Sophie snuggles

So when my third baby arrived, we adopted our own Sophie and as you can see from the picture below, my little guy adores her just like other moms and babies “told” me he would.

Keeping her close

Little Known Facts About Sophie

According to,

  • Sophie is 100% natural and made from the sap of a hevea tree
  • Sophie is made largely by hand and her manufacturing process includes 14 manual operations
  • Sophie  is ideal for soothing sore gums and stimulates the 5 senses
  • More than 50 million Sophies have been sold since she was first created in France in 1961

My aunt joked with me that Sophie was “an expensive teether” but I now know first hand that she is more than a teether and she is well worth the investment.  This little giraffe didn’t have me at hello but she has me now.

Lovin' Sophie

Lovin’ Sophie

*Special thanks to my fellow bloggers who shared their Sophie pictures for this post.

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