Who doesn't want to see this when they come home? Only thing sexier is if he was shirtless!

Who doesn’t want to see this when they come home? Only thing sexier is if he was shirtless!

I had a realization this last week and a half of work:  I want my husband to be a STAY AT HOME DAD! Yup, you heard right, my husband is amazing as a SAHD.

My husband and I went on vacation without our son and literally two days into the vacation he got a text that there was a fire at his work. So basically the last two weeks they have been doing repairs and my husband has been home.  I have one way to describe him being home with my son:


He is such an amazing caregiver and partner. The house has been clean, dinner served every night (homemade too!) , and I do not have to rush to leave the house or come home. I can actually get up, do my makeup, enjoy the morning with my family and have breakfast without rushing.

I have been more focused on work and my family since I am not running around on some strict schedule. You know the one I am talking about…

Get up, take a shower, oh god the kid is awake, change him, feed him, conference call, drop off, work hard, oh shit pick him up, dinner, clean, bath time, maybe a little play time, bed time………..

Our lives are all that jumbled so when some of that is alleviated it is absolute heaven.

Even more surprising is that my husband absolutely loves being home. He has been so happy the last two weeks and even told me he would love to be a SAHD.

So now all I have to do is win the lottery…


Any working moms out there with a partner who stays home? Do you love it? Hate it? Please share and tell me I am not the only one who would love to work and have my partner stay home.

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