Here’s a scenario: you go to the grocery store on the weekend, list in hand and buy what you think you need to last until the next weekend. You think cutting coupons sounds divine but have no energy/time/desire to really do that so you just hope some of the items you need are on sale. You think you’ve got meals planned out (or maybe you’re just winging it) and then half way through the week, you’re running out of food to cook. You decide to give your kid(s) PB&J for dinner (’cause you have no idea what else to make) and poke around in the kitchen for something you can eat. The next day you begrudgingly go back to the grocery store, trying to fit it in before you pick up your kid(s) from daycare and spend even more money buying more groceries to last the next few days. On the weekend you vow to not go back to the grocery store during the week because you will have planned everything out perfectly, but you end up repeating this pattern over and over and over.



Last week I was introduced to a company called The Dinner Daily, that specializes in family meal planning. Their service will create your meal plan for the week based off of what’s on sale at your grocery store. They also find coupons for you (I’m not kidding!) and they give you your shopping list for the week. They pretty much do everything they can to help you avoid the scenario above. Their slogan (which I love) is that they are the solution to the “what’s for dinner” dilemma.

Using their service you are likely to: (1) eat healthier (2) save money & (3) have more time! All of these benefits are wonderful for us busy working moms.

One lucky winner is going to win a 3-month membership to The Dinner Daily!

Don’t want to wait to find out if you win? Sign up today (it’s only $5/month!)

How to enter:

Leave a comment on this post and tell us why you need help planning your weekly meals! Easy as that.

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