Edith isn't so happy when she's sick.

Edith isn’t so happy when she’s sick.


Phew, that felt good.  Edith has been sick since last Wednesday.  Today is her first day back at school.  And Don’s fever appeared Sunday night.  He and I are home together again today!  I am a working mom in every way, shape and form.  I’m participating on conference calls while preparing a bowl of cheerios and unpeeling a banana–speaking with colleagues while changing a diaper–typing final edits to a document while holding a conversation about the Backyardigans and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

I am sweaty, I smell, and I’m exhausted.  Thank goodness for yoga pants, body splash, and coffee.

I enjoy a schedule.  I used to decoupage my planner during college, treating it like a prized possession and I’m pretty sure I teared up  a little the first time I realized I would be able to access my outlook calendar on my smart phone.  I love schedules and planning.  So, when my kids get sick and we are home, I get a little overwhelmed…who am I kidding, I get a lot overwhelmed!

They throw off my schedule…but when they’re sick, they want me and I want to be there for them.  Ah, the eternal struggle to balance it all.  Thankfully, I work for the most understanding employer ever and because of the type of job I have and access to technology, I am able to “work” from home.  That doesn’t mean the work load eases off though…and it’s an unbelievably busy time at work right now.  Not really the ideal time for the kids to get sick.  And therein lies lesson number one thousand five hundred and forty five that my children have taught me… I can’t plan everything.

It looks like I may be back into work tomorrow…fingers crossed.  Bring on the work attire, childcare, meetings and schedule.  Until then, I’ll enjoy stolen kisses and cuddles amidst the calls and emails.

TV on the couch all day...Don is sort of liking this whole being sick thing.

TV on the couch all day…Don is sort of liking this whole being sick thing.


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