Remember in high school how every girl was prettier, skinnier, cuter, sexier, more athletic, sweeter, more popular then you?

While age, maturity and experience have largely banished those types of thoughts, I’m not immune from them in my adult working mom life.

Today, it just looks different.

For example, I’m agonizingly jealous of the mom who always cooks for her family an amazing dinner when I can’t seem to cook veggie burgers, pasta or frozen pizza on most nights.

And the BIG L loser feelings that erupt when I see the moms who put together holiday buffets and parties for their families when I simply go to one or the other of my parent’s homes for pretty much every holiday there is and bring the bread or paper products.

And my sense of inadequacy is at its peak when I compare myself to the mom who does homework with her kids every night when I can barely find the time to ask mine if their homework is done let alone done correctly.

And the incompetence I experience is overwhelming when I see the mom who is on the PTA, PTO and more, has a full time job, kids who adore her and a good marriage when I manage my job but certainly don’t have kids who adore me right now and am divorced.

That is my weekly confession.  I’m inadequate, incompetent, a big loser and jealous – some of the time.  But most of the time I’m grateful, empowered, happy and in love with my life, my friends, my family and the good fortune and privilege I so enjoy and for which I never want to forget to be thankful..

PS – I apologize for the shortness but I am working mom who has to go watch the UCONN women kick ass in the Women’s NCAA Finals and has to get up at 5 a.m. to go to a rally in DC on immigration reform.

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