When Jake was first born, one of my dear friends, a mother of two grown college boys, told me that the hardest stage to contend with as a parent is always the birth-6 months.  Your baby is essentially a “blob.”  They eat, sleep, poop, and repeat.  Eat, sleep, poop, repeat.  I remember some very early weekend mornings that I would look at Jake and say, “When will you be old enough to be able to play a game with!?” or, “Let’s play legos!  Please!”  Instead, he would look up at me with his big glassy eyes and squirm a little.  Leave him to his own devices for too long and he would get restless and bored with me and demand immediate attention.  How I longed for the “blob” stage to fly by.  And sure enough, it did.


My husband and I found ourselves with Jake at our neighborhood children’s outdoor animal and nature center, Hungerford Park, in Berlin.  Literally down the road from our home.  They had been advertising a pancake breakfast for weeks, and both Mike and I remembered going with our families when we were little, so we were really looking forward to being able to take Jake for a big pancake breakfast and an afternoon of farm animal viewing, craft making, and of course, pancake eating.  While we were making the short drive to Hungerford, we were both saying a silent prayer (well, maybe not so silent) that Jake would take to the event- the big plate of pancakes that would be placed in front of him, participating in hands on crafting, and pointing and talking to the animals.  I mean, he wasn’t a blob anymore, right?  He was two years old!  He could do this, right!?!


He is totally not a blob anymore.  Having a two year old means having a kid in the age of exploration.  Blob days far forgotten, this is the perfect age to let a kid explore, get dirty, build a barn yard out of colorful Lego Duplos, and have raging parties with roaring dinosaurs.  I can dig this age.  Actually, for the first time in a long time, I can totally relate to the moms who say they wish they could freeze time, wishing their kid would stay this age forever.  I would love to freeze this moment in time.


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